The world’s most expensive material
Hello friends Do you know what is the most expensive thing in this world and how much it is worth. If not, then let me tell you that the name of the world’s most expensive item is Antimatter and according to NASA, if you have to make 1 gram antimatter then you have to spend $ 625 billion.So now you want to know what is antimatter?
All things inside this universe are made up of atoms. The fundamental particles of atom are proton electrons and neutrons. But in this universe, antiparticle of each particle is found. For example, Proton’s antiparticle will be anti-proton and positron  will be antiparticle of electron. The substance is that which is made up of particles, and the antimatter is made up of the antiparticles.
According to the scientists, when the universe started from the Big Bang event, both the matter and the antimatter were produced, but they destroyed each other and some amount  of the matter was saved on the earth. The antimatter is not found on the earth, although it is likely that the antimatter is present in this universe but there is no antimatter on the earth. As I told you that if the matter and antimatter meet together, then they will destroy each other and in this process a lot of energy is generated. In the future scientists are trying to utilize this energy in the spacecraft, but this is not possible now, because making antimatter is very expensive. If we can develop some such method in the near future, so that we can create a substitute at a lower cost, then the solution of energy problem can be solved.
See the video below for more information about antimatter in Hindi:-

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