Q1. To which of the edible/food production does the following disease relate to?The Red-rot and ErgotA. Bajra and wheatB. Groundnut and sugarcaneC. Wheat and groundnutD. Sugarcane and BajraQ2. Who received Nobel Prize for explaining the helical structure of Protein? A. Linus PaulingB. Maurice WilkinsC. SangerD. Watson and CrickQ3. Malaria can be caused by which of the following kind of organism? A. BacteriumB. FungusC. ProtozoanD. VirusQ4. Which among the following has lowest fat content? A. CurdB. EggC. FishD. MilkQ5. By using which of  the following organism one can control mosquitoes in ponds and well? A. CrabB. Gambusia FishC. DogfishD. SnailQ6. Cellular Tot potency in plants- relates to which of the following crop improvement technique? A. PolyploidB. Tissue CultureC. Induced CultureD. HybridisationQ7. What is the name of the cross breed that yields a high quantity of milk developed in India? A. HaryanaB. Red SindhiC.…
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